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Our Podcast

Our podcast will be launching on the 4th January 2021.

The podcast is designed for parents and is delivered by early years professionals. We will be speaking to a range of other professionals for their expertise to support and guide you into the wonderful world of children and parenthood.

On this page we will be sharing the descriptions of each episode along with any useful links or supporting information.

Episode 1- Choosing your childcare

4th January 2021

In this episode you can hear from the managing director of our nursery about the different types of childcare that exist and how to choose the right place for your family.


Episode 2- Paying for Childcare

4th January 2021

In this episode our managing director will explain the different types of funding available for all children, and the difference between vouchers, Tax-free childcare and any other financial help you can get towards your childcare.


Episode 3- Your Child's First Day

11th January 2021

Our guest speaker Emma tells us what you should do before your child's first day at nursery, including what to pack in their bag and what to tell your child.

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