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A Key Person 

All our staff know about the importance of building strong attachments with children. They are trained to recognise the different stages of attachment and use this knowledge to support children and families settling in to the nursery.​

When you start at the nursery your child will be assigned a Key Person, this person will go through all of your paper work with you and be there for your settling in visit. They will spend the first couple of days with your child to ensure they are settled into nursery and form a good attachment with them to enable them to have the confidence to explore their environment.

We welcome parents to stay with their child during the first few weeks until the child feels settled and the parents feel comfortable about leaving their child. Settling in visits and introductory sessions are key to a smooth transition and to ensure good communication and information sharing between staff and parents.

Our open door policy means that you are able to speak to your child's Key Person or a member of the management team at anytime of the day. We also review the nominated key person if the child is bonding with another member of staff to ensure the child’s needs are supported. 


Each key person will help to ensure their key children feel safe, secure and confident, which allows them to develop to their full potential.

Ratios and Qualifications

At least one member of staff in the room must hold a full and relevant level 3 qualification; more than half of the staff at Bilingual Day Nursery hold a minimum of a relevant level 3 and above qualification. Bilingual Day Nursery are proud to confirm that we employ: 25% of staff who have achieved their Qualified Teachers Status (QTS), 12% of staff who have achieved their Level 5, 38% of staff who have achieved their Level 3 and 25% of staff who are working towards their Level 3 through an apprenticeship. 

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